Our family name is spelt Møller in Norwegian and Möller in Swedish, the letters "ø" and "ö" are really the same just written with a slash in Norwegian and Danish and with omlaut Swedish and German. This letter is not found in the English alphabet and some prefer to replace it with "oe" when writing English. I normally just drop the slash spelling our family name "Moller" when writing in an English language context.
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Nils-Kristian Moller
(home page editor)

Welcome to moller.net

This is the home page for the Møller/Moller family decending from the four brothers Sverre Møller, Alf Møller, George Møller and Nils Møller originally from Kragerø in Norway.

Moller Gathering 2022 August 19-21 in Bamble, Norway

Bamble 2011
From the Gathering 2011.

The Moller Family Gathering 2022 will be arranged in Bamble 19th - 21st August. The location is the same as in 2011. The main arrangement is on Saturday at the campsite Fjordglimt. If you plan to go please contact us by mail (post802@moller.net) or telephone (406 08 058).

Greetings from Mette og Helge, Jan og Jennifer, Elin og Bernt



Sverre Møller 1945 - 2018

Sverre Møller (the youngest) left us the 27th April 2018. The funeral service took place in Trysil Church Wednesday 9th May.

Inge Møller 1922-2017

Inge Møller left us quietly on the first day of Christmas 25th December at the age of 95. He would have been 96 in March 2018. The funeral service took place in Langesund church Thursday 4th January 2018.

Moller Gathering 2017 at Roa and Gran

This years Moller Gathering wast held at Roa and Gran in Hadeland north of Oslo on 12-13 August. We started Saturday at Roa with lunch and some physical activities. Later on we moved to Granavollen Guesthouse near The Sister Churches for dinner and social activities throughout the evening. Breakfast Sunday morning before we all went home.

The hosts for this year's gathering was Kjersti, Finn, Knut, Edith and Nina.

We are waiting for pictures from the gathering. They will be published when we get them...

Møller Gathering 2015 in Oslo and Hakadal

The 2015 Moller Gathering was on 21-23 August in Oslo and Hakadal. The first part was friday night get together at Ragnhild's and Dag's home in Oslo and the main arrangement was a good planned and accomplished program for saturday afternoon and evening at Aas farm and golf course in Hakadal north of Oslo. Thanks to Petter for managing the outdoor activities and Tore for the indoor evening banquet and finally Jorunn and Sten for the final quiz.

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Two Pictures from Previous Gatherings

We have scanned two old pictures from previous gatherings. The oldest is about 50 years old when Jul and Sverre was still with us (1966?) and the other one is most probably from 1993. We are asking other family members to help us determine the exact year and will update this page when we are sure. You can click the pictures for bigger versions.

1993 ?

1966 ?

Møller Gathering 2013 at Bjorli

I have uploaded my pictures from the Family Gathering 9-11 August 2013 at Bjorli. The page treff 2013 can be reached from the Read more link below this text. I am sorry the text is in Norwegian only.

Many thanks to the arrangement commitee "3J and one S" for the good arrangement and also thanks to all participants for the successful gathering. We send our greetings to those who could not come and hope we will be seeing you next time.

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Inge Møller Age 90 March 19, 2012

The family's oldest, Inge Møller, had his 90th birthday on March 19th 2012. The anniversary was celebrated with family and friends in Stathelle Saturday 17th.

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Family Gathering 2011 in Bamble

This year's family gathering ("Møllertreff") was successfully arranged 12-14 August at the camp site Fjordglimt in Bamble, Telemark county. The site was a perfect place for a gathering, nice facilities located on the coast near Kragerø where our ancestors settled when coming up from Denmark. Even the weather was on our side. The main day of the event was Saturday gathering about 60 family members. The arrangement committee - the "Bamble gang" - had prepared for a "family workshop", an informativ car drive route, and a tasteful dinner. Saturday evening ended with coffee and traditional Norwegian cakes and pies.

If you click "Read more" and then click the picture you will see a bigger version.

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The Møller Family Gatherings

It all started with the gatherings og close family and friends by Jul and Sverre Møller each year the 11th of November to celebrate the "Day of our Home" at their house Kleiva, Lillevann in Oslo. Liv and Jan-Fredrik have sent us some words about this and set up the list of gatherings since 1985.

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A Family Tree

Mette has set up a family tree in Excel and Nils-Kristian has prepared it for web presentation. To find a usable format took some experimenting and I might find a better way later, Nils-Kristian says. The purpose of the tree is to illustrate the connections between current family members, hence not going further back than the brothers from Kragerø. This version has no years of birth or deaths. That may come later. Send a mail to Nils-Kristian if you have comments to the tree.

Have a look at the family tree >

Searching the Digital Archives for Julie Arstad

The Digital Archives is a public service from the National Archives of Norway. I made a search for Julie maiden name Arstad, sais Nils-Kristian, and found what I already knew that she was born in Kristiania (former name of Oslo, capital of Norway) in 1893. I also knew her father came from the Stange area where I now live but that was all.

The archive tells me her father was Kristian Simensen Arstad born in Stange parish in 1853, and his father again was Simen Gundersen born in 1813 also in Stange. So the link is revealed but the remaining part is to find the farm or house "Bakken" where Kristian obviously grew up before moving to Kristiania.

See the information from the Digital Archives >

Searching the Digital Archives for Sverre Møller

I also searched for Sverre Møller in the Digital Archives, sais Nils-Kristian, and have so far found data from the 1900 census. Data from the 1910 census have now been released so further searches will be performed.

See the information from the Digital Archives >




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